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Hustler EZ Remote

Hustler EZ Remote for sale at Eureka Valley Agriculture

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Hustler EZ Remote for sale at Eureka Valley Agriculture



Dust free

Thanks to the 1.6m (5.2ft) long-mounted arm, the operator can control the levers being outside of the dust zone when rebaling

160-degree angle

The Ez remote control valve can be positioned within a 160-degree arc to suit individual operator preference.

Improved visibility

By standing back from the operation thanks to the long-mounted arm, you have an excellent visibility of the processor, feed flow and baler, allowing you to quickly and accurately adjust your job.

Control levers

Easy levers give you control of the amount of hay that is processed. Also, allows you to control the speed of the rotors or the height of the bale platform.


If you already own a Hustler bale feeder, it is possible to convert it into a rebaler as our Ez remote is retrofittable with almost all models. You may require mounting holes drilling on earlier model machines, talk to your Hustler sales rep for further information.

One set of double acting hydraulics

Only one set of double acting hydraulics are required to power the Ez remote attachment, also meaning that one tractor can run both the square baler and the bale processor.

Quick coupling hoses

Quick coupling hoses are supplied within the Ez remote attachment kit for easy fitment.

Rebale any bales

With a Hustler Ez remote coupled to a Hustler bale feeder/processor, you can easily unroll bale round bales of any type such as balage, hay, straw, alfalfa, etc without damaging or decreasing the quality of your hay.

Easy to use

The simple hydraulic design makes it very easy for any operation to master very quickly.

Sandblasted and Armacote finish

All Hustler products are made to last and a sandblasted finish combined with an impressively durable power-coating system means your machine will look like new for years to come.


Arm Length: 1.6m long | 5.2ft long
Unit weight: 15 kg | 33 lbs
Retrofit: Yes (may require mounting holes drilling on earlier model machines)
Hydraulic required: 1x set of double acting hydraulics
Hydraulic hose length: 6m long | 19.6ft long