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Hustler TE205

Hustler TE205 for sale at Eureka Valley Agriculture

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Hustler TE205 for sale at Eureka Valley Agriculture



Axial Rotor

The addition of a new Axial Rotor with centralizing paddles keeps the bale positioned in the center of the feeding chamber to minimize wastage and provide better grip on soft bales.

Polyethylene Floor

Hustler’s proven polyethylene platforms with ribbed design keeps the bales tracking straight and with 30% less friction than steel, it reduces drag on the bale which makes feeding out sticky bales easier and it will never corrode. The chainless platform is wider to reduce waste with sloppy bales.

Feed Control

Infinite variation in feed control, allows you to feed thick for cattle, thin for sheep to increase the palatability for your stock

Low Maintenance Drive

The entire drive system is now located at the rear, which allows better maneuverability. Bigger outboard bearing blocks are easily greased, larger shafts, automatic drive tensioners require no adjustments, and is designed to handle large 1.5-tonne bales(TX205). TE205 will handle up to 1-tonne bales.

Hypaflow Wiper

The Easy Clean Hypaflow Wiper Panel minimizes blockages and ensures that hay drops outside the wheel tracks to avoid being flattened into the mud. A quick release latch releases the wiper panel for easy cleaning.

Feed Guide

The clear, easy to read platform height guide shows starting positions for various bale types making it easier to use for all operators.

Protective Covers

Transmission covers protect against mud and debris getting at the heavy duty drive system which reduces maintenance.


The new easier to read loading indicator makes loading any bale simple: line up the indicator to correct bale position, back in and load.

Diverter Valve

Our diverter valve is a safety feature and allows the Chainless to be used behind tractors with just 2 double acting remotes.

High Tensile Chassis

The Chainless round and square Bale Feeder is built to handle larger bales and has an impressive strength to weight ratio, achieved by using high tensile steel and larger section members. We’ve done our homework and put the steel where it’s needed, not in case it’s needed.

6-Stud Axles

Our 6-stud axles are the strongest on the market giving you longer life and more load capacity.

Massive Ground Clearance

The Chainless Bale Processor has more ground clearance allowing you to operate on rugged terrain. With the clean underside of the chassis there is nothing to damage or get snagged should you belly out.

Single Post Drawbar

The single post drawbar design has set the benchmark in feeder maneuverability and tighter turning. The drawbar is fitted with built-in road-legal safety chain mounts and an adjustable height towing eye.

Swiveling Towing Eye

The heavy-duty 12,000kg rated forged towing eye has 50mm height adjustment to suit different size tractors. It rotates 360°, making feeding out on uneven terrain trouble-free.

Heavy Duty Parking Jack

New heavy-duty parking jack has an oversize mounting for a positive lock and safety. To allow for tighter turning, we’ve added an extra mount on top of the drawbar for stowing the jack.

Sand Blasting & Armacote Finish

Hustlers’ unique oven-baked Armacote system is applied to a sandblasted finish ensuring long life, durability and a premium quality finish.


The Chainless TX205 is equipped with a large capacity stringbox which is very handy for stowing that bale wrap, fencing standards, and other items while you’re out and about. Optional on the TE205.

Flotation Tires

Extra wide 13/55-R16 flotation tires are standard equipment for less compaction in wet conditions. Comes standard with the TX205.


Keeps your feed clean and dry when travelling between paddocks and reduces feed spoilage when operating in muddy conditions. Mudguards come optional on the TX205 and the TE205.

Total Control Loading

The single hydraulic ram of Hustler’s Total Control 2 loading system makes loading faster and prevents bales from falling on the operator during unwrapping. A bigger tyne frame provides extra support for soft or square bales.

Quick Release Wiper

A quick release latch releases the wiper panel for easy cleaning.

QRC Grips

Another industry first from Hustler! Quick coupling grips make connecting hoses easier and the colour coded for easy coordination

Rotor Teeth

Many hours of research and development have gone into the shape of the teeth to makes them clean easier, and have more aggression on tight bales. The Chainless has 5 teeth per rotor to provide extra grip on soft bales.

Hose Holder

Requested by farmers and unique to Hustler Bale Feeders, the drawbar mounted hose holder keeps the hydraulic hoses out of harm’s way, reducing chances of downtime. The Chainless hose holder has provision to hold the hoses when the bale feeder is not in use.


Bale Sizes Round: All sizes up to 5' X 6'
Bale Sizes Square: All sizes over 6' long requires optional platform extension
Bale Weight: Up to 1000kg ea
Unit Weight: 1160kg
Hydraulics Required: 2 x double-acting, 30-60
Capacity: 2 x bales (round or square)
Tynes: 2 x Forged high tensile
Towing Eye: 45mm swiveling forged, 12t rated
Axles: 6 Stud, 60mm Square
Wheels: 11.5/80R15.3
Ground Clearance: 443mm
Loading: Self-Loading
Size (L x W x H): 4467 x 2410 x 1669mm